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More Than Tackles, Touchdowns & Stats


Football is a violent and exciting sport, played at the professional level by exceptionally gifted athletes – modern day gladiators if you will.  In Roman times people would fill the Coliseum; today, fans flock to stadiums all over the country to watch NFL, college and even high school football games.

Larry Fitzgerald at 2012 William & Mary Colonial All-Pro Football Camp

This fan knows who the #WR in the NFL is.

Football continues to grow in popularity and a large reason why can be attributed to the number of people that play fantasy football – where touchdowns, tackles (for IDP players) and stats matter.  In 2010, it was estimated that over 32 million people 12 years of age or older in Canada and the United States played fantasy sports – rest assured a very large portion were people that played fantasy football.  In addition, while the report does not estimate how many kids played fantasy sports, the number is probably larger than you think.

What gets lost while you are tracking stats for your fantasy teams, rooting for your favorite player, and praying your team to victory, is that NFL players are much more than the stats and records they compile while playing the game. click to continue reading

Included in the rest of the article are interview questions with Tim Tebow, Larry Fitzgerald and Victor Cruz.

The following video is raw footage of just the media Q&A with Tim Tebow:

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Full Impact IDP – A new concept IDP format.

A new concept on how to play IDP

Full Impact IDP is a new evolution in the way that IDP fantasy football is played.  For years the old adage, “start the players that score he most points”, help water, but not anymore.

Full Impact IDP turns that saying on its ear by impacting your opponents scores based on the defensive scheme that you start.

Playing a team with a strong core of WRs and always wished you could neutralize them?  Well now you can.  By playing “prevent” (DE2, DT2, LB0, CB4, S3) you will impact your opponents WRs by reducing their points scored by 30%, your opponents QB position will also be reduced by 30% in this scheme.  However, by focusing your defense on the oppositions QB and WRs you can’t have it both ways, so scoring for your opponents RBs will be increased by 50%, and their TEs points get a 10% bump.

Here is a look at an excerpt from the rules with regards to Full Impact Scoring:

5.4.1 “Full Impact” Scoring
The twist of this league is that your defensive lineup will impact your opponents offensive players scores.
“Full Impact” scoring adjustments will also be done in decimal scoring.  Decimal Scoring will be to the 100ths (IE: -3.45 points)  When “Full Impact” scoring is done, numbers will be rounded up from 5.  IE: -2.235 would be adjusted as -2.24 and -3.644 would be -3.64.

Your oppositions offensive scores will be adjusted based on the defensive alignment that you start.
The following defensive alignments indicate how the listed positions will be adjusted.
DE2, DT1, LB4, CB2, S2……QB: -5%,RB: +10%, WR: -5%, TE: n/a

DE2, DT2, LB3, CB2, S2……QB: +5%, RB: -10%, WR: n/a, TE: +5%

Nickel(3-3-5, 4-2-5 or “Big Nickel”)
DE2, DT1, LB3, CB3, S2…...QB: -5%, RB: +10%, WR: -5%, TE: n/a
DE2, DT2, LB2, CB3, S2……QB: -10%, RB: +10%, WR: -10%, TE: +10%
DE2, DT2, LB2, CB2, S3……QB: -5%, RB: +5%, WR: +5%, TE: -5%

Dime (4-1-6)
DE2, DT2, LB1, CB4, S2……QB: -10%, RB: +30%, WR: -10%, TE: -10%

Prevent (3-1-7 or 4-0-7)
DE2, DT1, LB1, CB4, S3……QB: -15%, RB: +40%, WR: -15%, TE: -10%
DE2, DT2, LB0, CB4, S3……QB: -30%, RB: +50%, WR: -30%, TE:+10%

8 in the Box (4-4-3)
DE2, DT2, LB4, CB2, S1……QB: +20%, RB: -40%, WR: +20%, TE: n/a

Goal line (5-4-2)
DE2, DT3, LB4, CB2, S0……QB: +30%, RB: -50%, WR: +10%, TE: +10%

An offensive player can score negative points, and if they do score negative points then “full impact adjustments” will not be made to that players score.  Simply put, if a player scores negative points then they stay the same. 

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